Teaching notes reposted

It was pointed out that the links to my teaching notes in some of the past posts on this blog are now broken. Apologies. As you may have noticed, I'm not actively blogging any more. However, I do like to keep this site up and running in the hope that some of my old posts may still continue to bless.

So I've uploaded my notes again so they can continue to be of service to whoever may be interested.
Here are the new links:

The Kingdom of God - https://cl.ly/3e0R3m460c2Q
The Book of Ruth - https://cl.ly/1N180d3f0C0n
The Book of Daniel - https://cl.ly/050n2u3T1I3N

If you spot any more, let me know. (I still get emailed when people leave a comment. So I will notice, honest!)