Thank you, Huddersfield

In the context of my review of Without Borders '06, I would like to give out a special public thank you to the team from Huddersfield Community Church who did such a good job of looking after Michael in Globetrotters 3. This freed Jacqueline to sing in the choir and me to sit under the ministry of the word.

This is the first year that Michael has been happy during the children's ministry. And the first year we have been able to leave him without one of us being in the group as a parent-helper. So this was a big blessing to us.

I'd also like to thank them for being so gracious to me when I turned up 20 minutes late to pick up Michael after the first evening meeting! [Partly due to a misprint on the literature, and partly due to a giant prayer-ring stopping me getting out of the main hall!]

Your hard work and service was greatly appreciated!


Dave Shutt said...

Here, here!

The Huddersfield Church were also responsible for setting up, maintaining and manning all the PA for my seminar at the Bible Week - it went without a hitch.

Thanks to Simon, Mark for the PA and recording and Sara who brought us ice old water every morning - anyone who was at the Bible Week knows that this was a very well received gesture!

Here's to a faithful and servant hearted church - to Huddersfield!

Ruth Lush said...

It was a huge pleasure to be involved with Globetrotters 3! I never knew snotty noses could be such a blessing!
The kds were fab and just pary that what we did with them is implanted deep into their hearts and souls and remains as a soild foundation for the rest of their lives!
Ruth Lush (a fan of Michael!)

Matthew said...

Oooooooh Dave, a little contentious there with the ice water comment - the choir are still after me for banning it!

Cas Gleich said...

I’d like to echo Ruth – what a blessing! – and one that I certainly wasn’t expecting!! I have to hold up my hands and say that young kids work wasn’t an area of ministry that I have ever felt drawn too… but guess what? God was good there too!! And we had a great time!

In fact I have heard several members of our team express that when they had left their [now older] kids in various children’s meetings of various Bible Week-type conferences in the past, they had always thought: ‘that’s good, they’re safe, and playing games, and having a bit of fun while we have our meetings, etc.’ but since having the privilege to be a part of the ministry that Ruth, Alex & Lisa have worked so hard to put together for this year, they realise that they had seriously underestimated the REAL GOOD STUFF that was being imparted into their kids over the years!!! (In case Michael hasn’t mentioned it, we spent the week exploring how we are all part of God’s house, and that Jesus is the most important part – great stuff!!)

As for turning up a little late for collecting… I’m only surprised that Michael wasn’t still sat on his mat munching his dinner at 6:45! Now there’s a lad that likes to enjoy his food!!!!