Cheaper than Skype!

Voip (Voice over internet protocol) has been around for a while now, and Skype has some stiff competition.

There is much I could say on this subject, since I have recently converted our home phones to call out over the Internet using a service provided by Voiptalk and in the last 27 days have saved £24.73 against the same calls made on the landline (and £4.19 against Skype). But I fear if I went into the fascinating (for me! ;-)) details, I would loose all but my most loyal readers (those who have still stuck around despite my recent lapse in regular blogging!)

However, I would like to draw your attention, if you use SkypeOut, to one possible alternative, that requires no technical setup, no specialist harware, and runs out-of-the-box with its own software application (just like Skype).

VoipBuster, hails itself as Skype's biggest rival and has its sights set on stealing its customers. And offering international rates as low as 1 euro-cent (~0.7p) a minute; 5 hours of free calls a week to the USA (including mobiles), Portugal, Germany, Spain, Luxemburg, Norway, Austrailia, New Zealand, etc, and unlimited free SMS messages to mobiles in your country... I'm surprised they haven't stolen more!

I have been using this service for the last week and can confirm it works: free means free (though you do have to register and buy some credit with them first, and you stop getting free calls after 4 months if you do not buy any additional credit)


Marcos said...


You are so resourceful!

Chris HH said...

Thanks, Marcos :-)

...also, I forgot to thank my good friend and fellow technophile, Tim, who helped me lay the extra network cable I needed to get my home phones set up on voip. Thanks, Tim :-)

Allan roger said...

Skype is good & I mostly use it for social interactions. Another alternative which I prefer for business meetings is RHUB web conferencing appliances. It provides free audio conferencing and better security.

Julia Rybalkina said...

I'd like to add a couple words about skype...skype is recently passing through the constant brakes, the connection is rather poor, that prices are honestly not the most attractive at the market?

Ok, I understand the prices - we shouldn't forget that the voip supplier needs somewhere to get this voip traffic, so skype also puts his revenue. For example, if buying traffic here wholesale voip portal, they say the prices are cheap - still, the margin will rise them. Ok, and what about the quality. Skype is well-known brand - why they are not watching their quality?