Living in the Green Light

"Live as people of the green light. Don't wait for God to tell you to go. Keep on going until he tells you to stop." ~ Keri Jones


Richard Bentall said...

I was not in the seminar but its interesting to note that there are more references to "open doors" in the bible than closed doors with resect to God.

Must get the CD

Every Blessing


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this question is a little off topic, but are Keri Jones and the churches he has planted believers in Word of Faith/Positive Confession? I've been musing on it for a while and am curious to know!


Chris HH said...

I do not speak for Keri, nor for all those who relate to him. But my revelation of God's Kingdom purpose owes so much to Keri and the ministries that relate to him: men like Tony Ling and Roger Aubrey.

We are believers in Biblical confession. That is lining up what you say about yourself, your situations, and your relationships with the way God speaks about them in his word.

To quote Keri: "If at any point you have a different opinion to what is written in the Bible: YOU ARE WRONG!"

If you wish to know more about the issues of faith and confession, I recommend Roger Aubrey's book: The Circle of Life, Xulon Press, ISBN 1602661855