Called to be sent

And he called to him his twelve disciples and gave them authority over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal every disease and every affliction... These twelve Jesus sent out... (Mt 10:1,5a)

In Matthew 10 it is very clear that Jesus calls his disciples in order to send them out. Jesus did not do all the preaching and demonstrating of the kingdom himself - he equipped others to do the same. He still does. Our calling includes both an equipping and a commission, just as it did for that first twelve.

We are not called to form a nice cosy Christian huddle, away from the big bad world, waiting for heaven. We are called by Jesus to be sent back with his authority to bring the kingdom to where we are.

One interesting detail I noted, is that in Matthew even the list of the disciples names indicates this purpose. They are paired up two by two, just as Jesus sent his disciples out two by two. Jesus strategy is to call us in, join us together, then send us out.


Mike said...

Challenging post. So much more comfortable in church though!

AmeriKan said...

Interesting...In Jesus' day when the N.T. church was being birthed, they had no walls, just the synagogues/temple. And the early church was very comfortable going into the highways and byways. Now that we have erected walls, we hide behind them in comfort. The church is nolonger comfortable in ministering in the world arena where most of the sinners exist.

We have changed the Great Commission from "going into all the world" to "come into my world." To be a fisher (of men), we have to go. Maybe a big kick would be better. But, from my own personal experience, it must be the cry, desire and passion of your heart for unsaved humanity. Otherwise, we will never really do it.

KevC said...

Great post Chris and very astute comments from Amerikan... it is certainly a challenge for all of us I'm sure. But did you also notice that in Matthew 4 where it describes the beginning of His ministry and the gathering together of His disciples, how when He called them Peter and Andrew 'left their nets AT ONCE...' (v20) and James and John 'IMMEDIATELY followed Him...'. The real challenge for me is how immediate is my response to that same call...


Richard Bentall said...


Timely post as I do believe that God is wanting his people to respond and take responibility of their calling. Let us understand that it is not our rite that we go into the world it is our responsibility. It is not our rite to heal people but our responsibility from that which we have been given. We must not, can not or even advert away from that which God has called us to do. Let us stop dispution that which God has given us to do.

You will be hearing more from me on this soon

Every Blessing

Richard B