Michael's Baptism

Today was a great day. I baptised Michael my five-year-old son. It was his second attempt. The first time he didn't go through with it because the water was too cold. This time, despite his enthusiasm, nerves nearly got the better of him - but I'm delighted to say that he overcame his apprehension and was one of about ten children baptised at the Without Borders Bible Week today. Praise God!


SLW said...

That is great! Blessings to both father and son as you walk together, now as brothers.

Marcos said...

What a blessing and awesome feeling it is to baptize one of your children! Many blessings to you and Michael!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Michael, when you make a commitment as a youngster it can be difficult to remember it when you look back but baptism seals it in your heart and your memory. And I sure Michael will treasure it for many years.