Persecution in Orissa

The most sobering moment of the recent World Watch conference was the account of the persecution that is going on in the Indian state of Orissa at this moment. Although it has barely been reported in the western media, Christians are having their houses burned and are being attacked by unrestrained mobs. Thousands have been forced to flee and are living in the forests.

We heard harrowing accounts from the ground of pastors being pulled from their houses, and then being beaten to death, sometimes while their helpless wives and children looked on. There were twenty-five such accounts of pastors and church leaders who had been killed in this way.

India is a country where the gospel is spreading and accelerating at an unprecedented rate, accompanied by signs and wonders and miracles that could come straight from the book of Acts. This backlash of evil against our brothers in Orissa is something that we must stand against. They need our prayers.

Reuters UK: India authorities impose curfew, Christians attacked

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Ruth said...

yea. True. Persecution is increasing not only in Orissa but also in Karnataka. In Orissa, even the refugee camps are also being targeted. Crude bombs have been thrown in those camps. Also, the water and food is being poisoned. There are many creulties happening to the dear pastors who so faithfully walk many kilometers a day to preach the gospel. This is extremely disheartening to the body of Christ. Please continue to pray so that ther will a garment of rejoicing in pain for the perscuted.