Daniel Masterclass

Appologies once again for my absence from Blogging.

I have started the Series of teachings on Daniel that I mentioned at
the start of my Blog.This seems to be consuming almost all my free
time at the moment, as the weeks I am not teaching I am preparing the
notes for the next session.

It's going really well. We have had 2 sessions so far with 3 more to
go. I have 32 people signed up for the course. I'm really encouraged
by the numbers. It's great that that many people are prepared to get
up early on a Saturday morning to hear exposition from the Old

Feedback has been very positive. Part of what I am trying to do in my
teaching is to show how Christ is revealed in the Old Testament (hence
my choice of Daniel - what better book could you choose? It was the
one Christ himself chose when he adopted the Messianic title "Son of
Man" over and above any of the others)

When things calm down a bit, I hope to start blogging some of my
insights from the word again. If there is the demand I may even post
links to the notes from my Daniel classes - just for my faithful
readers... (at least I know I have 1! -- Thanks Cerys :-))

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