Daniel Notes

As promised, here are my notes for the "Daniel Masterclass." If you read them, please leave a comment in this blog.
  • Part 1 - Daniel 1-2 [pdf 114KB]
  • Part 2 - Daniel 3-4 [pdf 100KB]
  • Part 3 - Daniel 5-6 [pdf 108KB]
  • Part 4 - Daniel 7-9 [pdf 200KB]
  • Part 5 - Daniel 10-12 [pdf 142KB]
You are free to copy and redistribute them in any format under the following conditions. You attribute me as the original author. You do not use them for commercial purposes. You do not modify them or use them as the basis for another work.


anna said...

i went through the first part of ur notes and they were great. i will mail you later if i have any questions. our present essay is on the kingdom of God so they were very helpful in that terms also.

Sarah Blake said...

Praise God these are here! Just finished reading Daniel spent half of the book going, 'wuh?!'
If they re-run this Equip series, I may well be singing up for it!!