Harder than it looks

This is a sliding bock puzzle based on a wooden Chinese puzzle set I saw at friend's house. The object is simple: get the large red square block to the bottom row by sliding the blocks into the vacant spaces. It's harder than it looks!

To play: Click on a block to make it active. The active block may be moved into an available gap using the arrow keys.


Cameron said...

Agh...foiled by a box on a computer screen. I'll be back box!
Cheers from Canada,

claire said...

Is this actually possible, or are you having a giraffe at the expense of my sanity?

Chris HH said...

I assure you it is possible - but not easy! It needs between 86 and 123 moves to solve.

(Hint: Think about the moves you need to solve the puzzle without the 4 small blocks.)

kev c said...

I lost count of the number of moves but got it eventually! Trying to stay awake so I can sleep on the 14 hour flight to Manila 2moro! See you Chris when I get back. Blessings