Back Home


Home again. We had a wonderful holiday. Beautiful sunshine, relaxing days, great food. Nevertheless, it's great to be home.

What was stirring me while I was away? Well despite the relaxation of mind and body, quite a few things actually: "The Scriptures and the Power of God", Numbers 11 (again! :-)) "Drawn by your anointing or driven by your craving", and some thoughts in response to reading "The Da Vinci Code."

I'll share my thoughts on these subjects over the following days... hopefully without digging myself into a hole! ;-) Posted by Picasa


Marcos said...

Welcome back brother-Safe and Sound-Thank you Lord!

Hope you enjoyed your time.



Anna Sacha said...

aww!! cool photo!! so good to have u back!!
and its ok if u dig yourself into a hole, we all do, as we experienced the last two days with Trevor Lloyd.

Hugh Griffiths said...

Welcome back my friend - good to hear you enjoyed your holiday with good weather and good food.