Off to Portugal

Tomorrow we are off for a two week holiday in sunny Portugal. I'm looking forward to getting away, relaxing with my family and unwinding.

I realise that there is still a lot left unsaid in terms of both the nature of the gift of tongues, God's purpose in "drawing and separating" and the connection between the two in the way the gift operates towards unbelievers. I may pick this up again when I get back, but I can't promise. I may get stirred in a different direction while I am away. In fact I'd be surprised if I wasn't! Anyway, I never claimed to have all the answers, just some interesting questions, and some insights that made me think.

Just one last thought before I sign off. God's church, his ecclesia, is by nature drawn and separated. We are both called together and called out. We are in the world, with a mission the the world, but we are and remain distinct, not of this world. Whilst unbelievers should be drawn to us, they should also, until they accept Jesus as Lord, also recognise that they are not a part of us. We present both open arms, yet unapologetic offence. We have a ministry that will also draw and separate men. Those whom the Lord calls will be added, whilst those whose hearts are hard will not dare to join us. We grow, yet remain set apart. And we do it all by the Holy Spirit. It is the Lord himself who is building his church.

Every Blessing,


Mark H said...

Great closing thoughts! Have a great holiday.

Anna Sacha said...

have a great time!

Marcos said...

Have a great time with your family.


Matthew said...

Enjoy the sun!

Gavin White said...

Have a great time Chris - Every Blessing to you and the family

Akinola Akinyede said...

Have a great and refreshing holiday. Looking forward to more refreshing thoughts when you return.


Marcos said...

Hey. Has it been 2 weeks yet?