Great weekend

Praise God for a great weekend. On Saturday Jacqueline, Michael and I travelled down to attend the graduation of Covenant School of Ministries, School of the Word, Class of 2006. It was a great honour for us to be the invited guests of Anna Sacha. She is a great woman of God who has become like an extra member of the family this year. She goes back to India shortly in the plan and purpose of God to work along side Chandrakant to be a part of the wonderful work God is doing in that great nation.

As an alumnus of the college its always inspiring to attend the graduation ceremony (we have only missed one in the nine years since we graduated) their commission and calling always reminds me of my own, and the powerful way God took hold of my life back then. Richard Anniss did an excellent job in addressing the students, and in words that spoke to all the alumni present as well as the graduating class, said that in the years to come, just having attended the college will not be sufficient; his words and his ministry are a great inspiration for us all to take hold of all that God has called us to.

While we were en-route to the ceremony other members of the Coventry congregation were involved with a Saturday children's club that reaches out to the children of Coventry and their parents. During that meeting 5 children gave their lives to Jesus.

Sunday, we had a great time of fellowship and the word. The presence of God was with us, manifest through prophetic word, and we had the privilege to hear Tony Ling minister the word. An even greater joy was that another man gave his life to Jesus in the meeting.

Praise God! Thank you Jesus, for all you have done and for all you are yet to do!


Mark H said...

Fantastic. Thanks for sharing testimony (I can't get enough testimonies!)

Akinola Akinyede said...

First and foremost Praise God for the wonderful report of the salvation over the weekend. Indeed our God is on the move and He is worthy of all the glory.

Chris, it was great to see you and your family at the graduation over the weekend in Cardiff.

We pray God's blessings on the graduates as they move on in pursuance of God's purpose for this generation.

Gavin White said...

Great Post Chris - It was a fantastic day on saturday. Amazing to hear of salvation in coventry - The Kingdom of God is continually increasing and advancing

Chris HH said...

Thanks, Gavin. It was a great day. Sorry we didn't get to catch up. All the best to you, your lovely family and all the wonderful folks in Manchester.