It's always wonderful to see increase; it's part of the nature of God's kingdom that it is always increasing.

It was a thrill for me this Saturday to spend some time with the folks who are desiring to become added to us as members of Living Rock Church. They already displayed the necessary commitment by giving up the most part of a glorious Saturday to listen to instruction from the word of God in what is foundational doctrine for us as a church. I was with them for the afternoon to teach them on worship, gifts of the Spirit, the laying on of hands, prayer, breaking of bread, head covering and to answer any questions(all in three half-hour sessions!).

On Sunday it was a great pleasure to see increase again in our eldership; Richard Jones and Christopher Alton (my fellow teachers on Saturday) were set into eldership. They are great men of God with a clear call and anointing from God on their lives. We will be greatly blessed as a body by their ministry.

Finally, I have just received permission from Jacqueline to broadcast to the world our own news of increase! Yes, we are expecting again! God is so good. Praise God for increase.


Mark H said...

Thanks for lifting my spirit! I was just reading The Great Commission in Matthew and noticed that even when the disciples were worshipping Jesus, some doubted. In the face of some doubt, Jesus still commissioned them to ... increase. Wow!


Matthew said...

Amen Chris! Good post

Anna Sacha said...

hehe, praise God for increase, indeed!!! congrats!!

Gavin White said...

Praise God for increase!

Joe... said...

Da Iawn!

(as we say in Wales)


Joe & Bethany

Kev C said...

God bless you both abundantly!