Good to be back

I've had a fantastic week at home with my wife and two sons. What a blessed man I am! Although I have now gone back to work for a rest! ;-)

As much as I enjoyed time out and time away, it was really good to join with the community of God's people on Sunday. Of course everyone wanted to see the new baby, but they also wanted to give us genuine love and congratulations, which were greatly appreciated.

The best part about being back with the people of God, of course, is the presence of God himself. Although God is with us everywhere at all times, there is a corporate anointing when we are joined together like living stones to form a spiritual house where God dwells by his Spirit. The church is not a physical building, but a spiritual dwelling, made out of people, and designed to be filled with the manifest presence of God. Although we are each individually designed to be filled with his Spirit, there is a dynamic that can only be experienced corporately. And even our individual filling is never designed to function in isolation. God has arranged each gift in the body just as he has seen fit.

So it was great to be back, and stepping out in the corporate dimension of the Holy Spirit again.

It's also good to be blogging again. Did you miss me? ;-)

One comment I had last week really tickled me:

Remember, while we all enjoy open, challenging, thought-provoking debate, we also like cute pictures of babies too!!!

That made me chuckle, so if baby pictures is what you want... click here.


Anonymous said...

Great to have you back, I do not personally know you or your other bloggers, but I feel as though there is a connection in Christ. Your post on corporate annointing was nice to read, it seems that the annointings of our two church's is very simialr, and that strengthens me. Your new baby is precious, and I know what you mean about returning to work for a rest, our new little boy was born November 20th, and they are a lot of work. If you want to see some more cute baby pics of my son, I posted them on my blog. I will not give the blog address unless you request it, because you are not an open advertisement to other people's blogs, and I respect that.

Chris HH said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Moody (both today, and previously.)

Nice pictures! (Folks can already follow the link through your profile if they want :-))

There is another connection: your first-born is Gabriel, mine is Michael. God bless our little angels! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply, and congrats again from this side of the ocean. Maybe the arrival of the two arch-angels means something...lol. Keep up the posting, I enjoy it very much.

Anonymous said...


Didn't know that you had been away as I'll still reading the last few weeks posts and comments [do n't worry I'll catch up] :-)
Trust you are all well and send our love to your family

Zephry said...

Hi Chris,

Great Pictures. Congrats to you and Jacqueline. We are so happy for both of you. Maybe its too early to update your signature picture on your blog but we are look forward to seeing whole new family up there. Love from all of us here in Jaipur especially from our Joel to your Joel!!


Chris HH said...

Thanks, Zephry. Our love to you all in Jaipur too. Getting a good picture of the four of us is a challenge, but I hope to update the picture soon...