I'm using the festive lull in activity here in the blogosphere to do some housekeeping on this blog.

Fellow bloggers who use Blogger to publish their blogs will know about the recent service upgrade. This has introduced some nice new features, like categories, that you may have noticed appearing at the bottom of my posts. Clicking on one of these category links takes you to a page where you can see all the posts I have written on that subject.

I have had my own category system for a while, available from my sidebar, and I am in the process of integrating the two together.

My apologies to those who subscribe to this blog via RSS; the retrospective update of posts with category labels has meant a large volume of my back catalogue being "republished" to the feed. Stick with me, it should all settle down now.

One of the other nice new features the upgrade has given is a new layout system. Since my old-style template contains a lot of customisations, it's going to take me a while to integrate these into the new system. You can see my progress over on my "sandbox" blog [play without getting hurt]. In fact if any one reading is considering a similar transition I recommend creating a new dummy blog account like this, and experimenting there first.

Once it's ready, I'll be switching over, of course there may well be teething troubles here too. If you spot anything not working or looking odd, please let me know, via the "Off the Record" box (assuming that's not the bit that's broke!) and let me know what Browser you are using, and what bit is wrong.

Thanks for your patience.

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Ricky Carvel said...

Ah. That explains it. I did think it was a bit excessive of you when my RSS reader (Thunderbird) listed 28 new posts from you this morning!