There is no easy way to say this. Certainly not in a public forum like a blog. I considered not saying anything at all... but nothing would seem genuine or sincere, or from the heart, if I did not write about this first, and I'm not ready to give up blogging just yet.

Jacqueline and I have had a very sad few days. We have known the Lord very close to us, and experienced an extra special measure of his grace and peace. Never the less, we still grieve, as all do when we experience loss, but it is grief that contains the ultimate hope of a joyful reunion in glory.

We lost our baby.


Dave said...

Dear Chris and Jacqueline,

Just to let you know how sorry we are regarding your sad news and that Zoe and I will be praying for you.


Dave & Zoe Shutt

Erling Thu said...

Dear Chris and Jacqueline! What a sad news! What a painful loss! We can identify with you in your grief as we lost our eldest son some years ago. But God is good. He is the God of comfort and strength. You will certainly experience his presence in this time of loss.

Anonymous said...

So sorry. MUCH love to you both. Tim and Cerys

Joe... said...

Sorry to hear your news. We are praying for you

Rom 8v28

With Love,
Joe & Bethany

Elwyn Jones said...

You don't know me. but please accept our deepest sympathy at your
sad loss. We have just lost our 17 year old foster son.sometimes it's hard to understand.
All our christian love to you and your good lady.You are a very brave man for sharing this on the public blog site and with tears in my eyes may you cope with the coming months
from just another christian
Elwyn Jones

Marcos said...

Chris and Jacqueline,

I'm so sorry to hear this sad news. Mireya and I will be praying for you and asking for God's comfort to rain on you both.

Marcos & Mireya

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. My wife and I will be praying for you both. -Chris and Damaris

Anonymous said...

dear chris and jacqueline

so sorry to hear about the baby. Praying for you both during this sad time.
Lots of love
Adam D

Kev C said...

Chris, Jacqueline, I've just read your news... I am so sorry. You will be much in our prayers. May God bless and comfort you both during this time. If there is anything we can do... Much love, Kev & Yvon