Message from Jacqueline

You've heard a lot from me on my thoughts and feelings on what we have been through lately, but I thought that those who know us would want to know how Jacqueline is doing. So I've managed to persuade her to prepare a post for this blog. Please leave her lots of encouragement in the comments.

Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us at this time. It is so comforting and encouraging to know that people are standing with us from all around the world. We have felt so blessed by the way that God's family have supported us over the past few weeks and have been greatly touched by all the e-mails, notes, messages left on the blog, meals and flowers. Thank you all very much.

Chris and Michael have also been a great strength to me and helped me to recover emotionally and physically. God has blessed me with a fantastic husband and son and I am extremely grateful for this.

I know that God is my strength and He has lifted me up when I have felt low. We sang a great song last Sunday (Lord, You are good) and as we sang, I confessed with my mouth that You are good all the time, and all the time, You are good. I know that He is restoring my soul and strengthening me every day. God is a Good God. Please continue to pray for us your prayers really are making a difference. Thank you.



alix said...

What a pretty picture :) It's great to hear that you are doing better, and that God is comforting you. You are a blessing to work with Jacqueline and my prayers are still with you. I'm so pleased to hear that you are back into the chocolate! lots of love alix. xxx

Sara Cosgrove said...

Hi Jacqueline
Only just heard the news about your baby, but it's great to see that God is so evident in your lives. You are such a testimony to other people of how the grace and goodness of God are so present with you. My father in law died recently and God's grace was like a blanket covering us right when we needed it. Keep running the race, the prize is a big one. Much love Sara xx

Marcos said...


You are right.God is good. He cares for you and your family so much that he has people from all over world praying for you. I'm here in the middle of the U.S. and my wife Mireya and I have been praying for you! Thank you, becouse your post has prompted my spirit to remember Romans 8:37 -39, that states that nothing will ever seperate me(or you) from the love of God. That means that nothing can seperate us from His comfort, hope, provision, strength,joy and on and on. In the midst of it all, He is so good.

We will continue to have you and your family in our prayers.

Marcos & Mireya---USA

Sarah Blake said...

I knew the way you handled this situation would be a tesament to you both, to your relationship with God and your strength in him. I'm crying as I write this because I can see the look of love and joy on the Father's face. He is so very proud of you and loves you so very much.
Be very very blessed my wonderful friend, I can't wait to see you soon!
Big kisses and cheesy biscuits! ; >
Love auntie Sarah x x

Anna said...

Amen! Jacqueline! he is good all the time. great message. praying for you all the time

Anonymous said...

God is Good! Keeping you all in our prayers, love Kev & Yvon