Blogger Recent Comments Widget

A friend recently asked me to install the code for my "Recent Comments" widget on his Blog. One of the benefits of the new Blogger layouts and feeds, meant it was relatively easy to do. I have had a Recent Comments section for some time, but I used to have to jump through some pretty clever hoops to do it, involving a separate server running helper scripts.

But now anyone can have one! To prove how easy it is, if you are on the new version of Blogger using Layouts, then all you have to do is to click the button below. Yes, that's all. And you too can have a Recent Comments section exactly the same as mine.




Marcos said...

Ah yes Chris Hamer-Hodges. You are so resourceful. Still looking at the new version..trying to work out the kinks.

mary said...

Thanks, that was easy!

Chris HH said...

Thanks, Mary. Glad to be of service :-)

Anonymous said...

tnx alot 4 the good work :D