Anyone reading here late last night may have noticed some strange goings on. I finally flipped the switch and changed over from my old-style Blogger "Template" to the new-shiny Blogger "Layout".

What does this mean?

Well, for me it means easier maintenance in the long term. Although I am thoroughly proficient in HTML, it's still easier and quicker to use Blogger's new Layout tools than to hack the HTML source of the page. For you it means a couple of new features, with possibly some more to follow:

First, I have decided to switch from using Trackbacks to using Backlinks. These are not new, but this seemed like a good time to give them a go. They should be more accessible, as all you need to do to add a backlink to one of my posts is to write a post on your own blog containing a link to my post; Google and Blogger will do the rest. [Apologies to everyone who already had Trackbacks to some of my posts, not sure if the backlinks will be added retrospectively. If not you could try republishing the post with the link.]

Also you can now subscribe to a comment feed for this Blog. See the link near the bottom of my side bar. Additionaly, if you so wish, you can subscribe to a feed for the comments to just one particular post. See the links at the bottom of the comments section of that post. For those who have not yet joined the RSS revolution; time to get yourself a feed-reader?

Although I've tried to check and double check as much as possible, if you do spot any problems with the new layout, please let me know.

[At the time of writing some of the sections in the sidebar are incomplete. I'm aware of that. I'll add them shortly.]

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