Grace for tonight

O Lord, since we have feasted thus,
Which we so little merit,
Let Meg now take away the flesh,
And Jock bring in the spirit! Amen.
~ Robert Burns

Happy Burns Night! We shall be celebrating the Bard's birthday tonight with good friends over the traditional meal of Haggis, neaps 'n' tatties. Living south of the border, I can get away with my rendition of "To a Haggis", and no one is any the wiser! And of course there will be a wee dram or two to finish off.

Looking forward to it. :-)


Mark H said...

Sarah and Emily just came home excited from school. They had a Burns celebration in the classroom, including haggis, oatcakes, local mature cheeses, shortbread, ice cream, and ... wait for it ... porridge! And dancing of course.

Yum yum.

Chris HH said...

That's great. I was really excited myself to discover Michael had celebrated Burns at Nursery today too!

Impressive for 295 miles south of the border!

Chris HH said...

...kilometres even! (Not that far south!)

Matthew said...

Mark, did the dancing come after that wonderful combination of foods? If so it probably won't be the last you see of the haggis!

Marcos said...

Happy Burns Night? Haggis, neaps n tatties? Forgive my ingnorance, I didn't understand anything you just said. But, um, have fun :) !