I'm back; quite tired after all the traveling: Cardiff, Hudersfield, Portsmouth in three days. It all went well, so thank you to all those who prayed.

The Elders and Leaders' conference was fantastic, just as I expected it would be - plenty to take away and chew over, on holding fast to our inheritance, responding to the call and living full of the Holy Spirit.

The wedding was also a really good time. Someone thought I was a "Minister" after my reading, so I guess that means I delivered it well! ;-) John and Jolene will be off on honeymoon now, and I wish them every blessing in their life together.

My time at the funeral was bitter-sweet. It was a deeply sad and moving occasion, but it was wonderful at the same time to see my uncles from America, and other family members that I only tend to see at such occasions. It was also a joy to discover that my cousin had a genuine faith in the Lord Jesus, and so is now in a much better place, free from all pain and suffering, and that on the last day we shall be reunited.

One common occurrence in each of these three very different events, was that in each case there was a meal together. Eating together is very significant in every area of life; even before you take into account the spiritual significance of the covenant meal, just sharing food with someone is an act of sharing life. What sustains you, sustains me.

I took away a real nugget from something that was shared at the wedding, as the bride and groom broke bread together. Not sure if I had heard it before, but it blessed me again even so. The word companion literally means "bread sharer"; from the Latin com (together) and panis (bread). Those we eat with, and especially those we break bread with, are our companions on life's journey through all the sorrows as well as all the joys.

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Thank You God for Your Grace and Mercy.