A conference, a wedding and a funeral

I've got a busy few days ahead, so don't expect any posts here until Tuesday next week.

Tomorrow, I head down, bright and early, for the Elders and Leaders' conference in Cardiff. I'm looking forward to it immensely. Last year's conference was so significant for me. It was not just a time of instruction, but of powerful impartation. I still hold deeply and passionately in my heart some of the things that were imparted to me from last year.

So this time I'm going with an increased expectation and excitement, knowing I'm not just going at our apostle's invitation, but that the Lord himself is expecting me, and has more to impart to us all as we stand together as covenant brothers to see his Kingdom advanced in our generation.

On Sunday we are heading up to Huddersfield for a wedding. An old and faithful friend of mine is getting married. It's going to be such a joy to witness him make his marriage covenant before God and men, and a privilege to do one of the Scripture readings for them at the service.

Then on Monday, I have another early start, but this time down to Portsmouth for a family funeral. One of my cousins, still a young boy, died this week after a long fight with a cruel illness. As you can imagine there is much sadness amongst my family over this news. Please pray that I can express the Lord's comfort with sensitivity at this time.


Joe... said...

We'll be praying for your family, for God's peace and still comfort.

Joe & Bethany

Anna Sacha said...

have a great time at the conference! i'll be praying for you.

Marcos said...

I will be praying for you and your cousin's family.

Bless you,