Doing the Word (by Tim Coles)

Guest-blogger: Tim Coles

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. (Jas 1:22)

Once we have heard from God (whether through prayer or reading the bible) we can't simply make a note that we have heard from God and frame it and hang it on the wall as our Certificate of hearing. We need to obey the instruction that we have received. Failing to do so results in our own reasoning coming in and rationalising it away.

[Note from Chris: Tim is a great friend of mine, and faithful member of our Nuneaton cellgroup. It has been a real joy for me to see him continue to grow in God and in his involvement in Living Rock. He is one of those "Behind the scenes" guys who is a real blessing to the life and operation of the church. Though he prefers to stay behind the scenes, he has a rich deposit of the word inside him and is always a blessing when he shares from it. I'd like to see him come out from behind the scenes more often, so please be generous with your encouragements!]


Richard Bentall said...

Thank God for Tim, he is a great man. For me Tim is like Joshua before Moses died, Caleb, John Mark the disciple, Barnabus, the widow that prayed earnestly etc because they were not so prominent as others. However they were vital for advancing the Kingdom of God and let us take some major principles and learn from these folks:

1) It is important that we understand our calling from God whether “behind” the scenes or not and to know that we are a chosen for such a time as this.
2) Let us not advocate our calling, and leave it to supposedly someone else who has a more prominent role.
3) God has called each one of us to achieve his purpose whether behind the scenes or not
4) Behind the scene ministry is vital as the whole body needs to function (yes kids works is vital even when you 've got one of those nappies to change!!!)
5) Don’t right yourself off just because you have a minor ministry – God has n’t

I read an article by a trumpet player (now there’s a surprise) who said that

The 2nd trumpeter (I was warned in advance) is quite possibly the hardest working member of the band. I played 2nd parts, naturally, but I was often covering lead parts so the lead could rest before a big high note, and then I’d go out front and blow solos, usually twice per show.

Sometimes the behind scene ministry is more than we give priase for and how we need them

I am blessed by both of you and keep up the good work Tim..... oh sorry Chris I forgot about you :->

Gavin White said...

Great Post Tim...and AMEN to all my fellow trumpeter Richard commented aswell!

Richard Bentall said...

Following on from my previous comments there are a whole host of other things to be added.

6) Live your life according to your calling, don't let others distract or detract you from that. Live for the moment rather than worrying about the future.

7) Mordecai was born for such a time as this, so understand and excel in your calling today.

8) As people in authority (whether in church or in business) it is important we understand just because someone is doing well gets promoted into a new role. This will crush them and lose them all together. Just because you are a good musician does n't mean that you are a good conductor and can lead a band. (This does not in any way eradicate praise where due or promotion when promotion is due).

9) Steve Mcclaren (New England boss) said recently in one of those duff comments “we are putting square pegs in square holes”. As duff as it may seem we all know that round pegs don’t go in square holes, so lets us encourage all to fulfil their destiny in Christ, lets us inspire those to accomplish the calling of God and let us not force something that really does n’t go.

In closing, trust all who read this are inspired to be all they can be in Christ…. especially those who may not have a prominent ministry. All churches have a Tim and all churches (and business) need a Tim, so if you are a Tim, be the best Tim that ever walked this earth.

Continue in all that you are doing Tim you are a great man.

Alix Groeneweg said...

That's very encouraging Tim, and also very challenging! Great post!

Just to confirm Chris, Tim is such a "behind the scenes" type of guy that he came in over the weekend and fitted a CD drive into my computer without even saying anything - i like to think of him as the computer fairy!