Congratulations, Dan & Rosy!

I went to a great wedding yesterday. Dan and Rosy got married in Manchester. Due to the terrible traffic on the M6 we only just made it in time for the start of the ceremony.

The service was led by Richard Anniss, my room-mate from Bible College, now the Lead Elder of a church of hundreds in the heart of Manchester. He did a fantastic job. The service focussed not just on Rosy and Dan, but on Christ. It was a real testimony not just for their love for each other, but their love for him.

It was also good to see Andrew and Trenna there, also old classmates from that vintage year of '97! It's always a pleasure to meet with brothers in Christ -- no matter how long you have been apart, that common bond forged in Christ never fades.


Joe... said...


Richard was MY house-mate. Churchill Street, Leicester.

Chris HH said...

hehehe yeah, he moved out when he couldn't take living with me anymore! ;-)

It's a small world!

Joe... said...

I've been around Chris.

Yes it is a small world.

hee hee