A picture worth 1000 words

I saw this picture on Roger's blog today, and loved it! It would make a great caption competition, but that's not why it caught my eye. I thought it illustrated excellently the apparent contradiction with a right fear of the Lord: how it also make us feel safe.

The little fish fears the big fish because it rightly recognises that it wouldn't stand a chance against it, but the very thing that makes the big fish so fearful, is the basis for the little fish's confidence in its safety. Inside the big fish's mouth it has nothing to fear except the big fish itself. It's the same when we are in the hands of the Lord... or should that be mouth?

(Does God carry us around in his mouth? It's not the usual anthropomorphic metaphor, but it is not without scriptural basis: read Revelation 3:16.)


Marcos said...

Fish in mouth; boy, is it getting dark in here? or is it just me?

-Poor Fishie!-Marcos

Roger Aubrey said...

Brilliant insight!