Getting the word out

It's great when you have good news to share. You tell a few people and very quickly it ripples out, sometimes out of sight, as one person tells another.

Thank you for all the responses we have had so far to our happy announcement... I just want to share something exciting about a different message of good news that is going out from this site.

If you are a regular (thank you!) you may remember that a month or so ago I posted up my notes on "The Kingdom of God." Well these notes should now be in Cuba, as some of the ladies from Ministries Without Borders, who have just arrived there, are using them as the basis of a series of teachings they are doing. I also discovered, that just today someone from Australia has downloaded my notes. Apparently if you do a search on "Kingdom of God notes" on google.com.au, I come up #56! Cool!

I'm not meaning to brag! I'm just very excited that God is using me and what I have done. As Christians we have a message of good news that is meant to go into all the world. That's why I'm thrilled that excellent teachers like Roger and Trevor have their own blog sites. It's truly amazing how many people from how many countries you can reach when you post material up on the Internet. Especially when the search-engines start to take notice of you.

So here's a challenge: If you've got something that's worth saying, why not say it to the world?
Power to the Bloggers!

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Marcos said...

Yes!! I'm so happy for you-and Cuba. See what God just did? He took the seed you sowed on your blog and multiplied it to the nation of Cuba. Only God knows how far this will reach.Keep sowing!!