It's good to talk

Google have released a new Instant Messaging service that is free to all its Gmail users: Google Talk.

"Why do we need yet another Instant messenger?", I hear you say. We already have MSN, AIM, ICQ, and Yahoo messengers. What's different about Google's offering?

Well there are a number of things that make it very nice:
  • It's very lightweight. Blink and the download is over.

  • It's simple and uncluttered. No adverts or huge information panels.

  • As well as instant text communication, it offers crystal clear voice communication too: ala Skype (in fact they are using the same technology)

  • It works as a Gmail notification too. As you want to keep informed of new email messages anyway, it's no extra bother to have all the nice IM features thrown in for free too.

  • Custom status messages: You can set your own status. Not just the same old boring "Available" or "Away", you can add your own like "Gone fishing" or "Deep in prayer!"

The downside is that you have to be an existing Gmail user to use it... and you can't get a Gmail account without an invitation... but fear not. If any of you would like to try Gmail and Google Talk, just pop me an email (address is at the bottom of the page) and I'll send you an invite. Gmail has some great advantages - more than 2Gb of storage, POP and webmail access, and advanced Google searching on all your old mails (all free!).

If you are already a Gmail user, just visit www.google.com/talk and download it.

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