Home, Sweet Home

Just discovered another very cool feature from Google. If you go to to www.google.com/ig, you can customise your own Google Homepage. As well as the usual Google Search (which you need all the time!) you can add various news feeds, your local weather, the films showing at your local cinema (along with an average reviewer star rating), a quote for the day, your latest Gmails, your own favourite links, etc. etc. You can even add your own custom feeds so you can see links to the latest posts in your favourite blogs.

Have a go, and don't forget to add http://chrishamer-hodges.blogspot.com/atom.xml to stay up to date with yours truly!

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Ian said...

I came across that recently too, along with another couple of similar "AJAX" powered portals - for example http://www.netvibes.com/ and http://www.start.com/, they both do pretty much the same as the google one, but I reckon the netvibes one has the nicest interface.