Logic proves the existence of God

God exists! This is not just a statement of faith, but a conclusion of abstract logic.

Take the age old problem: "Which came first the chicken or the egg?" It is a very profound question, because to get a chicken you need an egg, but to get an egg, you need a chicken. The chickens we now see, came from eggs, which in turn came from chickens, which came from eggs and so on backwards in time. Logically there are two, and only two, explanations to this problem: either chickens (and all life by extension) have an infinate ancestry, or they had a moment of genesis.

The argument does not just apply to life, but to everything that goes on in the Universe. All things that happen in the Universe have a cause: there is nothing that "just happens." We refer to this as Cause and Effect. But the things we regard as "causes" are in reality also "effects", that is they themselves did not "just happen" but came about because of an earlier causal event, which in turn happened because of something earlier, and so on back in time — just as with the chickens and the eggs. So with the Universe itself, there are equally only two logical explanations: either these chain of events stretch back to infinty past, or there must be a Primal Cause. That is, a "Cause" that is not itself dependent on anything prior for its existence. As everything in our Universe IS dependent on something prior, it cannot be a cause from within, it must be a cause from without. Thus whether or not you know who or what this Primal Cause is, you cannot logically argue against it. If the Universe has a beginning there must be a pre-existent external entity that started it off.

Atheism is not a logical option!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this excellent analysis.

We need people like you in this world where atheism is trying to take a foothold.

What do you think of Occan's Razor?