First Reader Poll

Welcome to my first Reader Poll. The first poll of any kind on my blog, or any of those I regularly read, so somewhat of an experiment!

If you are a regular reader (and by that I mean that you have come here more than once with the foreknowledge that my blog existed, and with the intention of reading something I wrote) I would like to know a bit more about you, and in particular what relation (if any) you have with me. Are we members of the same church, or family of churches? Are you a friend, a friend of a friend, or a total stranger? A poll is a good way for me to find out about you (collectively) without you (individually) giving up any of the anonymity that you enjoy. Of course if you are not afraid to give up your anonymity, you can always leave me a comment; especially if you fit into the last category, I'd love to know how you found my blog, and more importantly, why you came back! ;-)

[FYI: The Band of Bloggers list I refer to can be found in my Sidebar on the right hand side]

17/02/06 13:35 GMT: The poll is now closed. Many thanks to all who took part. Here are the results

Regular Reader Poll
About you
Belong to a related Ministries Without Borders church 50% 12
Belong to Living Rock Church 25% 6
None of the above, but I know someone on your Band of Bloggers list 17% 4
None of the above, but I know you 8% 2
Just found your blog through browsing/searching 0% 0
total votes: 24
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Anonymous said...

Who are the band of bloggers anyway?

Chris HH said...

The "Band of Bloggers" are my blog-brothers! They are ministries without borders; covenant-brothers who relate to Keri Jones' apostolic ministry.

I thought of the phrase after the last "Elders and Leaders Conference" where Bryan Shutt read from Stephen Ambrose's "Band of Brothers" to express the sense of unity and common purpose that should be expressed between us.

"Band of Bloggers" seemed a clever and appropriate twist! ;-)

Marcos said...


Great additions to your site! Way to keep up the excitement on and interest on it-With great content and gadjets.


Elwyn Jones said...

solo scriptura was a major cry of the reformation. it was all about getting back to the bible alone as the only authority for life and conduct.i am reminded that psalm 138-2 it says god has magnified his word above all thy name. yet all know that in most of christendom this is far from true. while i am not always in complete agreement with what you write, i appreciate your blogs that exalt our god and saviour jesus christ and his precious word, the bible.

Anna Sacha said...

well! i know you because your wife kindly booked a few tickets for me once and i came to know about your blog from a friend and yeah, may be also because i have stayed at your place a few times if i may add that. alright! see u on friday!