Word Cloud

This is a "Word Cloud" of my blog. It shows the most commonly used words, the bolder the word, the more often I have used it.

It seems like a good visual way of seeing what's most important to you. "Out of the overflow of the heart the blogger writes"... or words to that effect! If you have a blog, why don't you give it a go? The site is http://www.snapshirts.com. They will also sell you a T-Shirt of your blog-cloud if you so desire!

[Many thanks to my friend Ricky for pointing this out.]


Dave Shutt said...

Brilliant - I love stuff like this, though mine was alittle disappointing to be fair BUT it has only spurred me on to blog better....or should that be 'be a better blogger' - not so easy to say.


Roscoe C. D'Souza said...

Pretty cool, bro! Its just amazing what you can do with technology these days! I wish I had one of those run over my reports in college.
Love and grace,

Kev C said...

Nice one Chris! Glad to see all the right words are prominant! Makes a cool desktop background although a little pixelated with some of the smaller words not very clear! Blessing Kev.