Life in Melton

I had a great time yesterday with Covenant Life Church - Melton Mowbray. I was impressed with many things. They have a wonderful strategic position right in the heart of the town, with big glass windows so that all who pass by can look in. They are certainly not a light under a bushel, but a lamp on a stand for all to see. I love that! But we know, don't we, that the church is not buildings but people. And I was impressed more with the people there. They are friendly, welcoming, hospitable, worshiping, prophetic people — the people of God — the best people in the world, wherever you find them.

Before the meeting even started we had a divine appointment! A visitor who was there for the first time, knew Jacqueline! (I always joke that Jacqueline knows everyone! But not normally first time visitors in a congregation we have never been to before!) She was a bridesmaid at Jacqueline's brother's wedding. She was really pleased to see Jacqueline; even more so when she learned we were only here for the one week.

I was also really blessed that the time of worship had a clear unified theme running all the way through it. Everything pointed to the amazing love of God for us, and how it was ultimately expressed through Jesus.

I felt a great liberty and anointing as I preached the word. I spoke from Genesis 12 about the call of God on our lives; that we are not just called out from sin to settle until Jesus comes again, just as Terah came out of Babylon but settled in Haran, but we are called in to new life in Christ which gives us a mission and a purpose here on earth to be a part of God's amazing eternal kingdom plan. Just like Abraham who continued to press on towards the vision of the city of God, Zion (the Church) that had captivated his heart. I shared that the true 'Passion of Christ' was not the events leading upto the cross, but the joy set before him on the far side of the cross for which he endured the shame. His glorious inheritance in the saints — the Church! We are the true Passion of Christ!

It was clear from all this that we were meant to be there that morning. Significant since on Friday night I had a bad fever, and woke up cold and shivery and couldn't get warm. All Saturday I was lethargic and aching. The temptation was to ring up, and say I was too ill to come. But instead I preached to myself about Bricks without Straw, and instead of giving up, I pressed on, pressed through and overcame. Sunday morning I woke up refreshed, without any trace of illness! Praise God!

After the meeting we were shown wonderful hospitality. The most fabulous roast dinner. And my little boy was instantly at home, playing with toys and watching TV with the other children. A great testimony in itself as he is going through a clingy phase at the moment. And... yes, I even met someone who reads my blog (occasionally) [Hi Gill!]

Many thanks to all the good folks at Melton who gave us all such a wonderful morning. May God continue to bless you abundantly in every way!


Matthew said...

Great to hear you had a good time in Melton Chris - praise God for the anointing that breaks the yoke of sickness!

I am sure that when you say Jacqueline's acquaintance was happy that you were only there that week you mean she was happy that that was the week she had attended and not that she was gald you wouldn't be there next week if she were to return!

Anna Sacha said...

thats so true! u know i was also very sick when we had to go to preach at the same church but God spoke to me in a very similar way and i went up there and had a great time. praise God!

Trevor Lloyd said...

Great folks in Melton aren't they? I'm glad that you mentioned that you preached on Gen 12, Chris, as I've been preaching on that myself recently (we are obviously in the anointing) and if Bryan asks me to visit Melton again in the near future, I might well have brought that word! God will obviously be giving me something fresh for them!!