Care to coComment?

Writing your own posts is only half the fun of blogging. What turns a blog from a cold bulletin-board of information to a lively community full of interaction are the comments.

Not all these comments will be on your own site either. In fact unless you are already a well established blog with loads of regular readers, most of these comments will not be on your own blog. Keeping track of all these blog-conversations that you are involved with can be quite a challenge. For example on a moderated blog, there may be no response for a day or two and then several all at once, by which time you may have got bored and stopped checking, and so miss out on what others had to say in response.

I had thought for a while: "If only there were a way to keep track of all the posts I had commented on, that would alert me when there was any update." Well, a quick Google a couple of months ago revealed there is such a tool: coComment.

It's a free service, and if you regularly comment on blogs other than your own, I recommend you sign up.

If you want to see an example, you can take a look at what I have been commenting on. Click the button below. There is also one at the bottom of my side-bar.

My coComments


rick said...

coComment is cool. I just wish it worked for all blog comments.

Aside from that, I have found some of my readers enjoy the sites I comment at so I use the coComment feature available to display the comments on my blog site.

You might check it out.

Chris HH said...

Thanks, Rick.
I did debate adding one of those, but decided that my side-bar was already on the full side.

I have checked out your blog. I like your observations on the recent debate we were both involved in! ;-)

carl said...

I used to do a delicious tag on all my comments in an attempt to follow them. Cocomment is definately the way to go.