"For such a time as this"

Please welcome to the blogging family, Richard Bentall. You may have seen Richard's insightful comments here and on other related blogs recently. Incidentally, long insightful comments on other people's blogs is usually a good sign you need to start your own! I'm pleased to say Richard has done just that.

Richard is another fellow member of the Living Rock Nuneaton cellgroup, who has remained faithful through thick and thin for many years. His loyalty and support, not just to myself and Jacqueline, but to the group itself has been invaluable. He has a passion for worship and music, as well as the people of God. He is a Kingdom man, called "for such a time as this."

It has been a real blessing to see how God has particularly stirred him and taken hold of him of late. The word of God is alive in him and coming out with clarity and confidence, and the Spirit of God is stirring in him as he has been stepping out in the gifts - especially tongues and interpretation. In his passion for the Word and the Spirit he is a man after my own heart, and one pressing in hard after the heart of God.

His blog will be one to watch! Please give it a visit, and leave some encouragement.

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