I'm Feeling Lucky

No, I haven't gone superstitious! Try this out:

Go to www.google.co.uk
Type "I want to serve the purpose of God in my generation"
Hit "I'm Feeling Lucky"

Cool or what!?
I'm currently getting about 2 hits a day from this search. :-)


adam hartshorn said...

nice site Chris it a cool random find. From Adam Hartshorn
Just to let you know that I am updateing my blog agin check it out.

Chris HH said...

Actually, as some of you are discovering, this doesn't work anymore! Not to my site anyway ;-)

For a brief moment on Friday I was the number 1 result for this search, now I have dropped down to second place.

Ah well, such is the ephemeral nature of fame!

Chris HH said...

Hey, this is working again now!

Try it quick before someone else knocks me of the top spot! ;-)

Chris HH said...

Here's another one that's linking to me first at the moment: "undeniable design"

My blog is still quite small (in terms of visitor numbers) but I seem to have acquired a disproportionally high Google rating. Not that I'm complaining! It seems my love for Google is reciprocated!