Have kilt, will travel

I picked up my kilt from the hire shop yesterday, and we are heading north tonight! (It's generally not a requirement to have a kilt to get across the border into Scotland, but this is a special occasion!)

My brother is getting married!

It's going to be a great event! Michael is going to be a page-boy, so he and I will be in matching kilts! (I promise to post a photo when we get back!)

We will be away for the rest of the week until Monday, so I'll probably not blog until then. In the meantime check out my other post today, and "pass it on!"

Here's a wee picture of the happy couple, Anthony and Lucy, to end with:


Barnabas said...

Hi Chris,

This is a little off topic so please forgive me. I have a dear brother in Christ who moved to Prague but has not yet found a Bible believing church. Do you know or know someone who may know of a church in Prague he could visit?

In His Grip

Anna Sacha said...

have a great time!
'michael in kilt' is going to be awesome!!