Congratulations Dave and Sarah

From Dave & Sarah

I love a good wedding, and this one was great! There is something very special about a wedding when the Bride and Groom not only have a deep love for each other, but also a deeper love for the Lord; when there is a real sense of his presence during the worship, and spontaneous responses of joy and celebration from the congregation at the making of a covenant before God.

Congratulations Dave and Sarah! (Auntie Sarah and Uncle 'Tar Dave as they are known round ours) Every blessing on your life together.

It was also a pleasure for us to offer hospitality to Simon, one of the groomsmen, and Carole, his wife, over the weekend. Simon did an excellent job, both as master-of-ceremonies and as worship leader. It was a pleasure to serve such servants of God with our home, to get to know them better, and hear about the wonderful things the Lord is doing in Huddersfield. May God provide you with a building that meets your needs abundantly - enough, and to spare!

...oh yes, while we are on weddings, I've not forgotten that I promised a picture of Michael and me in our kilts, at my brother's excellent wedding last week. If you would like to see it, click here.


Richard Bentall said...


My wife and I were reminiscing the other day about our wedding day. I asked Julie, what do you remember about ours? Her answer was plain and three simple points
1) Aisle
2) Alter
3) hymn!!!


Kev C said...

Top notch foto Chris of you and Michael!