The Big Picture - Part 1

This is the man who puts out the chairs
And frees the pastor from such cares
To preach a word with power and grace
And fill God's people with fresh faith
To spread to the corners of the land
The works of an almighty hand.

That this nation may be set aflame
All for the honour of Jesus' name.
And those throughout the earth abroad
May know the glory of the Lord

So as he sets out row by row,
He knows he helps the church to grow.
This job does not define his worth,
For he's seen God's glory fill the earth!

— Chris Hamer-Hodges


Marcos said...

Amen!!---This is great. The big picture pt 1--Cant wait for pt 2

(no pressure) :)


Anna Sacha said...

powerful thought expressed with great simplicity! i loved the simplicity of the rhyme and yet the profundity of the idea. i pray people capture this revelation through your effort.

KevC said...

Grace full Chris... sweet.

Matthew said...

Was the meter deliberately taken from "The Night Mail"?

Chris HH said...

Matthew, my inspiration was actually "The Snail and the Whale" which I read to my son the night before... which explains the primitive rhyming scheme.

I'd like to claim credit for the contrast between the simplicity of the rhyme and the profundity of the idea, but really it was just what was buzzing in my head at the time!