Preparing to Preach

Tomorrow I have the pleasure and the privilege to bring the word of God to the good folks of Covenant Life Church - Leicester. Today I am in prayer and preparation. If you can, please pray that the Spirit will be with me as I prepare, and on me as I deliver the word tomorrow, so that together we will be better equipped and encouraged to serve our Lord with all our heart, mind and strength.

You faithful readers have already had a taste of what I feel stirred to share: A Bride for the Son. The wonderful eternal purpose of the Father, in the Church, that we have become a part of.


Gavin Deakin said...

Have you ever looked at the traditional Jewish wedding. There are some rich parallels to Christ and His Church. I will be praying for the anointing of God as you prepare and deliver the word.

Marcos said...

I will pray right now that the Holy Spirit will flow through you as you minister the word to His people.