The more it flows the more it grows

Last night in cellgroup we noticed something together in the word we had not seen before. In Ezekiel 47, as the river of life flows away from the temple it gets deeper and stronger. This may seem obvious and nothing special, until you remember that the ankle deep trickle coming from under the temple was its only source! Normally a river gets deeper or stronger because other rivers feed into it, but not in this case. This river gets deeper and stronger because it is multiplied as it flows — the more it flows the more it grows [cf flowing out to stay full].

This is true for our anointing in the spiritual gifts. We may not consider that we have much to give, but it is as we move out in what we have got that God multiplies it. Like the little boy with his few loaves and fishes, when we give our little, God transforms it into something abundant.


Anna Sacha said...

thats so true!

Gary said...

Wonderfull, what more encouragement do we need to step out and give, to see others in the river, going deeper together.

Thankyou for your hospitality this weekend Chris, I trust Michael enjoyed his day.

Chris HH said...

Thank you Gary and Anna for your comments. We only have the best house guests chez HH!

Pleasure to have you stay with us.