"A knife with a fresh blade"

Thank you to all who prayed. I had a great time at the church in Leicester. The Spirit was moving during the time of worship, and many clear prophetic words came. It's always exciting and awesome when God speaks, but it was particularly exciting for me, as the preacher, that the prophetic words that came generated an expectancy in the people and a hunger for the word of God, and confirmed the message that I was carrying. I love it when that happens, especially when I go to a place where I haven't a clue (naturally) how what I have prepared fits in which what God has been saying over the past weeks to his people in that location. I felt the anointing of the Spirit come upon me just before I got up to preach, and that I discharged that which was in my heart to bring. So I was pleased!

I was also encouraged to talk with some people afterwards who had been blessed and encouraged by what I had brought, and had seen something fresh in God's word that had gripped them. It was also really nice to talk to a couple of people who confessed to reading my blog! (Hello Glyn and Peter! Hope you keep reading.)

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Akinola Akinyede said...

Well done Chris, its always awesome when God goes ahead of you by preparing the hearts of the people and paving a way for the confirmation and fulfilment of His Word. The greatest joy of a Preacher is to sense the cloaking and anointing of the Lord as He stands to deliver the Word.