Wise words on Blogging

I have just come across an article in the wider Christian Blogosphere by Tim Challies on the topic of Christian Blogging. He has some wise words. Here's an extract:

So as the church grapples with this new medium - with blogging and the Internet - I would urge caution that we do not equate all blogs. A blog is merely the medium. A blog is little more than an ordered list of postings or articles. These postings can have no value or they can have great value. They can do great good or they can do great harm. We should evaluate a site on the message it brings rather than the way it brings that message.

I have come across some Christians who are very sceptical of this new medium. They often dismiss it as being a waste of valuable time, or an indulgence of the ego of the blogger. But to me the question "Should Christians Blog?" completely misses the point. It's like asking if Christians should send emails, or text messages, or appear on TV or speak on the Radio. Like it or not, the medium of blogging is here, and it's not showing any signs of going away. The real question is, do we have a voice that deserves to be heard? Are we going to speak up for what we believe to be good and right and honourable and trustworthy and true, or are we content to just comment on the state of the internet from the sidelines? Do we light a candle, or curse the darkness? Remember, the word that God gives us is both bread and seed. If you regularly receive good things from the Lord, why not consider sowing it freely to whomever will receive it?


Kev C said...

Spot on Chris. As Christians we need to be heard and blogging is just as relevant a medium to do this as any other. Yes we need to be careful what we read (or say) and what we accept as 'truth', similarly we need to be allowed to share and express our belief's in an unfettered but responsible way. Further, we should explore all avenues that give us the means to do this. Blogging is just one of those that allow Christians to communicate to the wider world. Whether the 'wider world' likes what it reads or not is for them to decide, just so long as it holds true to God's word, and as I said before, is presented in a sensitive and responsible manner.
Personally, I have received much good from my exploration of a selected few Christian blog sites. So, long may they continue, keep on blogging and sowing Chris!
Every Blessing.

Roger said...

Right on the button, Chris. Christians have abandoned great swathes of opportunties in the past and retreated to their ghettos. The gospel belongs in the marketplace.