Precious Presence

We had a great time in the cellgroup last night. Sue has written about it on her blog too. We met together to meet with God, and we were not disappointed. His presence was not just theoretical or theological, but experiential. He was there! I know God is always everywhere, but it is an awesome and wonderful thing when your senses are awakened to the presence of the Living God in your midst. How wonderful that he is Immanuel - God with us!

The prophetic spirit flowed freely and many significant words were brought. One came with a confirmation of knowledge that only God could have known. Simple actions of faith produced powerful results. Everyone went away having both given out in the spiritual gifts and received from God. But most precious was just being in his presence and knowing he was with us.

"Let's have more cellgroups like this!" Said one to me as we left for the night. Amen! I would that they were all this way!


Hugh Griffiths said...

This is a great post to follow up your previous entry on the cessationists. One of the major failings of the cessasionist argument is that their denial of the gifts of the Holy Spirit is also to deny the demonstrable and tangible work and presence of God in the life of the believer. The charismata are just one aspect of the orientated' wider work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. I'm sure the dynamism of the evening you experienced together was God's response to your faith and stand for spiritual gifts.

Marcos said...

So glad the meeting went well. God is so Good!!

Gavin White said...

Great to see that you had a great cell group meeting with the gifts of the spirit flowing freely and the fellowship of believers taking place. Small groups are where what we believe really finds
its roots, outworking and maturing in the lives of believers