A Bride for the Son - Audio Download

Last month I preached in Covenant Life Church - Leicester on "A Bride for the Son" I approached Kevin Owen, and asked if he would mind if I put the audio of that message up on my blog. These were his kind words in response:

"No problem whatsoever. I am sure that your listeners will be as blessed and encouraged as we all were when we first heard your message."

So here it is:
A Bride for the Son (12Mb MP3 Download)

This post could also fit in the "Big Picture" category as right the way from Genesis 2:18 to Revelation 21:9, the prophetic theme of "A Bride for the Son" embodies the eternal plan of God for the world, in Christ, through the Church.

[NOTE: To listen ofline. Right click the link above, and choose "Save Target As..."]

A Bride for the Son
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Ricky Carvel said...

That's great Chris! I approached this with some apprehension as the last time I heard you speak was nearly 17 years ago (how old are we?!?!), but I needn't have worried - this was a great, uplifting, Godly message. Thanks for sharing, and please do share as many of your future (and past!) talks as you want. I'll listen.