Blog Brothers

Christmas is a time for visiting relatives, so why not on the internet too? I decided to visit my web relatives by going to Google and typing related:chrishamer-hodges.blogspot.com. It was very interesting to see who Google thought my blog was most similar to.

Here are my first 10 relatives at the time of writing:
  1. James Aubrey

  2. Jo James

  3. Jonathan Cooper

  4. Erling Thu

  5. Pilgrim Heart (Matthew Ling)

  6. perfilip

  7. 'Rooting deeper into Life' (Chris Negron)

  8. Roger Aubrey

  9. Planted by Water (Trevor Lloyd)

  10. Kari

So of all the blogs in all the world, I'm most like James Aubrey! I guess I must still have some "cool" left in me yet! ;-) It was also interesting to find some blogs I had never heard of, never linked to, and as far as I know have never linked to me: like Kari's. I shall watch her blog with interest now to see what she has to say. I was also curious to see that Google does not list "Living Rock Church" anywhere in my relatives (it does for Matthew), but it does link me (#13) with Community Church Huddersfield. I'm intrigued.

Merry Christmas to all my Blog Brothers (and sister) and to all my faithful readers too. Every blessing.


Trevor Lloyd said...

Maybe God is calling you to Huddersfield, Chris!!

I sense that might be right

Roger said...

If you're most like James that makes you my son! You were Welsh all along - I knew it.

Chris HH said...

Thank you, guys. I'm deeply touched and flattered by both your comments.

Roger: I'm your son in the faith and your brother in the Lord. Isn't it wonderful to belong to such a Kingdom. Though they take our lives, they'll never take our FREEDOM!... oops, got carried away.

No chance of me changing nationality (or geography ;-)) just yet!