One year on

It's my blogday! One year ago today I wrote my first post and entered the wonderful world of blogging.

It's no coincidence that my blogday comes so soon after Roger's. It was reading Roger's blog and the encouragement that he gave me, that prompted me to start my own blog. Now, one year on, I'm still going strong.

So what has a year of blogging done for me? The main thing I have got out of blogging is the sense of community that exists between fellow-bloggers and regular readers. I have "met" like minded people I would never have come into contact with otherwise, and felt in close contact with dear brothers I would otherwise only have had infrequent dialogue with.

Next it has been an exercise in discipline. Blogging is hard work! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy is it? I nearly gave up on a couple of occasions. You run out of things to say, and after a while you just get out of the habit. My thanks to Cerys Wood, and Roger Aubrey again who provoked me to get going again at those moments.

I have found it helpful in my own meditations in the word. When you write something down and share your thoughts with the world, it forces you to think things through much more thoroughly than when you just keep the thoughts buzzing round in your head. Also when you have "discharged" your thoughts in this way, it gives a release that allows you to move on to thinking about something else.

It has been rewarding too. All sowing produces reaping doesn't it! I love getting comments on my blog, or seeing other bloggers make reference to my posts. It's great to look at my stats too and see the number of visitors. I had 40 unique visitors yesterday — that's more than attended my first Daniel Masterclass! To be honest, it's the visitors who keep me blogging, so thank you. Special thanks to all my regulars who leave comments: Marcos, Cerys, Anna, Kev C, Joe, Roger, Matthew. It was also through my blog and Google that I got back in contact with a dear long-lost friend. That was a great moment.

So to any would be bloggers out there, or those who are just starting, here are my three top tips from 1 years experience:

  1. Sowing and reaping! Yes, it works even in the blogoshere. If you want to be linked, start by linking others first. You want more comments, leave comments on other people's blogs.

  2. Read like-minded blogs (An Aggregator is an invaluable tool for this). Blogging, like any communication, works best when it is not just monologue. Read what others are writing about. If you are feeling uninspired, a good way back in is to take what someone else has written and expand upon it in one of your own posts.

  3. Install a stat-counter as soon as you can. It will be demoralising at first, but there is nothing like seeing your hit-count rise to keep you posting.


Anna Sacha said...

hey chris! wat an encouragement! your blog has been a blessing to me since i started visiting it. and yeah! i will be disciplined in my posts. and how do u install tht stat counter?
congrats on your successful one year!! its just the first of many more to come!!

Roger Aubrey said...

Hey Chris: Happy birthday! I'm so glad you started blogging and are not only still doing it but constantly posting really good stuff. Here's to another year - of greater revelation, growth and blessing. Let it roll!

Kev C said...

Happy First Blogday Chris! May God bless you as you have blessed us with your insight and knowledge of our Lords word. You've been an inspiration to me since I first met you several years ago at my belonging classes at Living Rock. Long may you continue Chris, keep on blogging brother!

Marcos said...

Hey Chris:

Happy Blog day!! I'm so glad I found your site. I believe it was via Roger's blog (Thanks Roger). Chris:Thanks for being an encouragement to me and the rest of us who frequent your site from all around the world.Congrats--Now post,post,post, brother! :-)

Marcos USA

Gavin White said...

Happy Blog Day Chris - Keep the revelation and wise insight flowing!! - Every Blessing, Gavin

Akinola Akinyede said...

Happy Blog day Chris, as the popular saying goes: 'More inspiring posts to your blog'.

Cerys Wood said...

One year on! Great. I love, while working online, to pop in on all the various christian website/blogsites from all around the world and hear what people have to say! It's so fascinating hearing all the varying 'takes' on different parts of theology and doctrine from the bible. I really enjoy reading yours Chris. I will say it stretches the old brain cells, but if I can keep up and hang in there, I find it fascinating. I tap into my brother's blogsite alot too. He's attending Regents Bible College in Vancouver for 3 years and discovering more and more of what my Father was discovering in his final years here. It's so good we are all on a never ending journey of discovery in Christ. Lots of love to both of your from Tim and I.