Our Covenant

I was clearing out my filofax today, taking the old year's stuff out, putting the new year's stuff in. One of the things I like about a filofax is that because you just take the stuff that is no longer relevant out, you can accumulate some gems over the years. Here's one such gem I found from yesteryear. Anyone remember this?

Today we gather as members of Christ's church, in the presence of Almighty God our Father, and the elect angels, to covenant together to live as God's people, holy and separate from this present evil age.

Confessing our faith in the death, resurrection, ascension, glorification and return of our Lord Jesus Christ. And in the person and work of the Holy Spirit in the church and world today. And in the triumph of the Kingdom of God, the victory of the church of Jesus Christ, and the discipling of all nations.

We covenant to walk in the obedience of faith and in love with one another, watching over and caring for one another; sharing in each others joys, bearing our own and one anothers burdens.

We covenant to meet together regularly for worship, instruction in God's word, fellowship, breaking of bread and prayer.

We covenant with one heart and mind to persue the purpose of God in our generation — the establishing of the Kingdom of God and the manifestation of His glory in all the earth.

We covenant this between ourselves as a congregation of Christ's church while at the same time we readily recognise our covenant is with God and all who embrace the faith of Christ and walk in keeping with the purity of the truth.

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Kev C said...

Me thinks this could be a great New Years resolution! A renewing and reconfirmation of our belonging in all ways to Our Father and His Church?

Joe... said...

I remember signing one of these covenants.

Woah, that brought back some serious resolve in my heart.

Thank You Chris,
Peace & Grace,

Hugh said...

This was a great statement, superbly crafted by Tony Ling if I remember correctly. It is not easy to crystallise so many great and profound truths into just a few sentences but this was superb! All the best to you and Jacqueline for the New Year.