We wish you a Merry Christmas...

My last day of work today before the holidays: Woohoo! Not sure how much I will get to blog between now and the new year, and if my site-traffic is anything to go by, not sure how many of you will be checking anyway! So let me take this opportunity, on behalf of Jacqueline, Michael and myself, to wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and a healthy, prosperous, fruitful and abundantly blessed New Year!

2006 is going to be a good 'un. I can feel it already!


Marcos said...

Bless you Chris,Jacqueline and Michael.

Merry Christmas!!

Marcos and Mireya

adam hartshorn said...

Merry Chistmas


Gavin White said...

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year - Every Blessing to you all! -Jealous that you have snow! - none in Manchester...yet!

God Bless,

The White Family

Kev C said...

Somewhat belated Chris, although I had the pleasuer of doing this 'real time', we wish you a fantastic Christmas and a very, vary happy New Year! The Cowleys