A few of my favourite things

Favourite Blog
Roger Aubrey's "Stars and Sand" of course.

Favourite Post
From Matthews blog: Matthew is a man who is not afraid to tackle the deep and controversial theological issues of our day. My favourite post is one of those: Heaven's Menu?

Favourite Browser
Firefox! What else?

Favourite Aggregator
RSS Bandit

Favourite Blog Tool

Favourite Food
Chicken Jalfrezi. Mmmm

Favourite Film
For a Few Dollars More.

Favourite Psalm
Psalm 103

Favourite OT Book

Favourite NT Book
Matthew's Gospell

Favourite Bible Version
NIV, but rapidly converting to ESV

Favourite Wine
Australian Shiraz

Favourite Whiskey
The Oban

So enough about me. What are a few of your favourite things? [If you have a blog, why not do the same or similar list on your own blog and add a trackback]

1 comment:

Kev C said...

Hey Chris! Here are just a few of mine:
* Living Rock Church (my extended family)!
* Wet Life and no its not a spelling mistake! You and a good few others will know who I mean!
* Getting home on a Friday evening!
* And of course... reading your Blog!